About 4E Foundation


4E Foundation is the non-profit sector of 4E Fitness. When you support the 4E Foundation, you can be confident that your investment is helping support missions, school assemblies, and 4E TV.

Ministry Purpose of 4E Foundation

4E Foundation exists to encourage, build up and grow the church through sharing God’s love in a demonstrative and overt manner. 4E focuses on both in-reach and outreach:

  • In-reach is based on the biblical teaching with a focus on encouragement. Specifically, the Lord has directed me to carry the banner of physical health to the world as well as the body of Christ.
  • Outreach is based on educational seminars, strength evangelism events, world-wide mission trips, and 4E Television.

Get to know Mark Sherwood, President and Founder of 4E Fitness.


This is a highlight video from 4E’s recent trip to Africa. Have a quick watch to receive loads of encouragement. Don Kreutzweiser was the videographer while Kaylea and I got to do the easy work. What a great time of service to a wonderful culture. We long to return.

School Assemblies

Learn how your students and teachers can be encouraged with this powerful message from 4E Fitness.


Mark Sherwood, 4E president, continues his highlight series on the “Africa adventure.” This is especially powerful as his team spoke to students and teachers in many South Africa schools. You will be blessed and encouraged.

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